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Learn more about the Australian Healthcare Index and the organisations who are working together to identify, share and champion patients’ perspective on healthcare.

Australian Healthcare Index

The Australian Healthcare Index provides a pulse check on healthcare in Australia from patients’ perspectives and experiences. It’s produced by the Australian Patients Association and Healthengine. More than 10,000 adults across Australia participated in the supporting survey and provided personal points of view and experiences across the public and private healthcare ecosystem with primary and preventative care, private health insurance (PHI), emergency departments, elective surgery, prescription medicine, mental health and more.

The Australian Patients Association

The Australian Patients Association APA) is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to championing and protecting the rights and interests of patients, improving the patient experience and their health outcomes. Our main roles are providing patient advocacy, information and support.

The APA’s “Core Patient Values” define and drive our mission. The APA listens to and acts for Australian patients. It strives to be the definitive “first stop”, “signpost” organisation to represent, inform and assist Australian patients. To that extent the APA develops strategic alliances with organisations involved in Australian healthcare for mutual interest and benefit.

Rather than replicating existing resources, the APA collates and refers patients to the leading, authoritative source in their area of patient need. The APA primarily provides patient support services through its publications, help line and website, patients.org.au


Healthengine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare platform developed to help people navigate the complex world of healthcare. Healthengine is on a mission to transform humanity’s health, one care experience at a time. Healthengine’s platform brings together a leading range of healthcare practices, healthcare specialities and health ecosystem partners to help consumers get a better experience across each step of their healthcare journey.

Founded in 2006, Healthengine helps millions of Australians connect with over 9,000 Australian healthcare practices across GP, dental, allied health, medical specialists and pharmacies nationwide. Over Healthengine’s history, Australians have made more than 74 million bookings on the platform. To find the right care, connect with healthcare providers and manage healthcare, all in one place, visit healthengine.com.au or download the Healthengine App for Android or iOS. For healthcare providers, please visit practices.healthengine.com.au to learn more and join Australia’s largest network of patients.

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